Cakinology - Desserts

Mini Chocolate Éclair

Our fresh daily bake Eclairs pipe with fresh chocolate cream and
top with shiny sparkling chocolate glaze.
It is the best to snack on!!

Mini Strawberry Éclair

Our fresh daily bake Eclairs fill with fresh cream and fresh Strawberry.
Top it off with a dust of snowy powder.
Every bite is just Refreshing and yummy!!

Creme Brulee

Luxurious Custard that melts in moment you eat it!!
Top with torched caramelized sugar that give you a crunch with every bites

Mini Banana Loaf

The Best item for your Teabreak
Made with 100% fresh banana with delicious Aroma and Texture

Strawberry Strudel

Crunchy Puff Pastry texture with delicious inhouse silky custard
top with fresh Strawberries inside. Very Delicious !!